Office Cleaning in Maple Grove MN: Floors

There are many aspects of your office building to be taken care of when it comes to cleaning. A professional Maple Grove office cleaning company can handle all of your routine cleaning. In this blog we’re going to explore the different types of floors that need to be cleaned on a regular basis. As a local Maple Grove office cleaning company, Cady Building Maintenance is an authority on all types of office cleaning projects.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring can be the focal point of a room. It can make your office look more sophisticated and beautiful. But, if your hardwood floors aren’t maintained properly, they can lose their appeal. A local Maple Grove office cleaning company can take the time to routinely sweep and mop your hardwood floors. Hardwood floors can look stunning for many years with regular cleanings.


Carpeting can be an office favorite, but it is especially susceptible to dirt and stains. If you enroll in a carpet cleaning program with your local Maple Grove office cleaning company, you will be able to cut down on those unsightly stains. The more frequently you have your carpets cleaned, the more likely you are to catch stains before they are embedded for good.

Linoleum/ Vinyl

We offer stripping, waxing, power scrubbing and buffering services. If you have the type of floors that need these services (linoleum, vinyl, etc.), then look no further than Cady Building Maintenance. We can restore cleanliness and shine to your floors. We are able to remove dirt, scuff marks and grime from you floors.

If you’re ready to have your floors cleaned by a professional office cleaning company in Maple Grove, call us at 763-531-0010 or look through the rest of our website for more information.