Levels of building maintenance

You might be the proud owner or manager of a beautiful building, but keeping it that way is no fluke: it’s the result of hard work and professional building maintenance.

When it comes to building maintenance, there are different levels property owners and managers can choose to keep their building in great shape. For the team at Cady Building Maintenance, serving the entire Twin Cities metro, including Minneapolis, St Paul and St Louis Park, building maintenance is divided into three categories. In order to ensure your building is effectively maintained, it’s important to understand each approach. Keeping up with the first two levels is of extreme importance, or else you risk having to deal with the third level, which is the most severe, and time and money consuming.

Corrective building maintenance

Corrective building maintenance involves work that must be done, especially when dealing with an older structure, to bring the building to acceptable occupancy standards. Different local ordinances and building codes by jurisdiction can cause requirements to vary.

Planned building maintenance

These are the maintenance tasks done after a thorough inspection of the building. The inspector will make notes of updates, determine order of importance, and finally put together a plan to have all the work completed. Tasks can include items like cleaning the gutters, weak flooring replacement and installing new shingles.

Emergency building maintenance

As the name states, emergency building maintenance are those jobs done in the event of an emergency. These can include unexpected problems with plumbing or electric; broken windows; rotten flooring; or other jobs that need to be rectified ASAP. If not dealt with in a prompt manner, these can cost you a great deal of time and/or money.

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