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Decontamination Service

During times of a pandemic when your facility may have exposure to the virus, we are here to provide a higher level of decontamination service beyond your standard cleaning.  Our expert staff of trained professionals utilize the current most effective methods, products and safety equipment to perform this service.  The products we utilize are medical grade Virucides with a broad spectrum of disinfectants.  Our method involves using a commercial grade disinfectant fogger which reduces the Virucide to a mist form that provides even distribution of the disinfectant.  This practice is proven to have more effective coverage over using a standard pump sprayer. There is also less impact on materials that are sensitive to moisture such as paper, fabric and plastics.  Listed below is an overview of our procedure for effective decontamination:

  • Ensure there are no personnel in the premise
  • Place signs on entrance doors to prevent entry
  • Technicians gown up in Hazmat suits, masks, gloves and proper footwear
  • Fogger is filled with liquid Virucide disinfectant
  • Technician proceeds to fog building floor by floor ensuring the Virucide disinfectant is applied to all surfaces, walls, ceilings, doors & floors
  • Upon completion – all suits, masks and gloves are disposed of properly

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