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Maple Grove Building Maintenance

At Cady Building Maintenance, we understand how important a clean office is, not only for sanitation, but also for comfort. Especially if you work in a large office, it is best to leave building maintenance to the professionals. We service the entire Twin Cities metro, including Maple Grove. Building maintenance (our services) is a way to reduce dirt and grime around your facility, leaving it sparkly clean instead! Don’t hesitate in contacting us for all your building maintenance needs. Our trained staff is excited to get working on its next project.

Building Maintenance Services in Maple Grove

If you think it’s time to get started on a routine building maintenance program, it’s easy to get in touch with us. You can give us a call at 763-531-0010 or contact us online (contact us). We also accept calls 24/7 in emergency events. We are dedicated to the satisfaction of our clients. We have been serving Maple Grove for over 25 years, and we have a clean reputation.

Building Maintenance for Allergen Reduction

Allergies are a multi-season problem for many people. Those affected suffer from runny noses, itchy eyes, coughing and more. Keep everyone in your building happy and healthy by hiring our team to clean your whole building. Here are some things we’ll focus on to reduce the presence of allergy-inducing particles:

  • Daily, bi-weekly or weekly cleanings can be arranged
  • Frequents floor care will remove any trapped particles
  • Dusting of shelves, desks, countertops will reduce irritants
  • Foyer and lobby maintenance is important to get rid of allergens in this high-traffic area
  • Air duct cleaning will reduce particles in the air

If you’re ready to set up a building maintenance routine in your facility, call us today at 763-531-0010 or request a free estimate online (free estimate).