High-Quality Commercial Cleaning Services in Twin Cities MN

No matter what your business or property does, it’s important to keep it clean. However, most don’t have the time to oversee this important aspect, so that’s where Cady Building Maintenance comes in. We take care of the cleaning so you can focus on running your operation, and have helped many different businesses, offices and professional companies.

Our full-range of commercial cleaning services includes:

Carpet cleaning
Vacuuming, spotting,
steam cleaning.
Stripping, waxing,
buffing, sweeping & mopping.
Window cleaning
Interior and exteriors.
Desks, shelves and
more. Thoroughly done.
Restroom cleaning
Refill all supplies,
sanitize area.
Construction clean-up
All projects, big and small.
Move-in/out cleaning
Perfect for businesses moving
move in/out commercial facilities.

For the past several years we have networked with a group of facility service businesses; enabling us to give our customers the finest service providers in the industry. We work with top suppliers in the twin cities area, enabling us to give personal attention to your needs, at the best pricing available.

Services within our network group:

Air duct cleaning
Commercial, residential, and
multiple tenant dwellings
Dryer vents
Cleaning and furnace
tune ups
Flood response
24/7 Emergency Response
Pressure washing
Cement surfaces-walls,
warehouse flooring, etc.
Lawn Care and Snow Removal
Matting & Rugs
Water, coffee, snacks, etc.
Consumable supplies
Paper products, air freshener,
soaps, can liners, etc.

Mold Remediation
Mold Removal

Current customer discount’s apply on any additional work done.