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Office Cleaning for Sanitation

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If the beauty of a sparkly clean office isn’t enough of a reason for you to hire an office cleaning company, consider this. According to CBS News, office buildings may be contaminated with up to 500 different types of bacteria. If you have a strong immune system, most of these bacteria won’t make you sick…. Read more »

Building Maintenance Plan

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Your office building is probably like your second home. Some days you may spend more time in the office than at home! If this is true, you probably want your workspace to be clean and tidy. If your office doesn’t have a regular cleaning schedule, Cady Building Maintenance, Inc. can help. Our team of Minneapolis… Read more »

Outsource Your Office Cleaning & Focus on Your Business

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More and more, business owners and managers are realizing the benefits associated with hiring a professional office cleaning company. By having a dedicated company (instead of trying to do it in-house when there’s time) take care of your cleaning needs, you’ll get a get the best, proper cleaning possible with the necessary equipment and knowledge…. Read more »

Welcome to Our Blog!

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As a locally owned and operated business in the Twin Cities metro, we at Cady Building Maintenance have always prided ourselves on our work, and illustrating why we’re one of the area’s top companies for commercial cleaning and maintenance services. Because of the pride we take in our work, we’re happy to today launch our… Read more »