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St Paul

  • Clean Air Ducts Mean Healthy Employees

    When it comes to commercial air duct cleaning in the Twin Cities, we here at Cady Building Maintenance know a thing or two about it. There are several benefits to commercial air duct cleaning, and here are a few. The main benefit people will enjoy... Read more »

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  • Why Is Vinyl Floor Maintenance So Important?

    When you have vinyl flooring installed, you might not stop and think that it needs regular maintenance just like other types of flooring. But making sure it’s taken care of is very important. One of the many services Cady Building Maintenance offers is the stripping,... Read more »

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  • Building Maintenance: How to Choose the Best Company

    You own a business and you’re so busy that you barely have time to do any cleaning. This is good news, right? Customers and requests for your services or products are keeping you so busy that you are now looking into hiring an outside company... Read more »

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