Choosing the Best Commercial Cleaning Service

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Thanks to our experience as a commercial cleaning service serving Maple Grove, we are well aware of what it takes to be one of the best office cleaning services in this area. Here are a few things to think about when you are in the process of looking for one.

What Do You Need?

First of all, take the time to think about what you need out of a commercial cleaning service. Do you just need a service to come in on a monthly basis and give your office a good scrub down? Or do you need cleaning services on a daily or weekly basis? A service like Cady Building Maintenance can come in as often as you need us, and we can even customize our services to meet your needs. Having a clear picture of what you need will definitely help your search efforts.

Do Your Research

A legitimate commercial cleaning service, like Cady Building Maintenance, will be fully licensed and bonded. Plus, every person we hire has a full background check performed so we know we are hiring honest and trustworthy employees. Ask around to make sure the service is licensed and bonded, and get more information about the screening process they use to hire their staff members.

Experience Counts

How long has the commercial cleaning service been in business? For example, Cady Building Maintenance has been around since 1987, so we literally have decades of experience in this industry. A company that’s been around for awhile will already know the best, most effective and safest ways to clean your office. Plus, their staff members will be fully trained in these cleaning methods, which means you get the best bang for your buck.

For more information on our commercial cleaning service serving Maple Grove, call Cady Building Maintenance at 763-531-0010 or Contact Us.

Clean Air Ducts Mean Healthy Employees

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When it comes to commercial air duct cleaning in the Twin Cities, we here at Cady Building Maintenance know a thing or two about it. There are several benefits to commercial air duct cleaning, and here are a few.

The main benefit people will enjoy when they hire a commercial air duct cleaning company like ours is a decrease in allergy problems. Air ducts tend to harbor a lot of dust, mold and other debris, so when the air passes through them, this dust, mold and dirt get blown into the rest of the building. People who are sensitive or allergic to dust and/or mold will definitely notice an increase in sneezing and coughing and other symptoms like those. So when you hire us, we can come in and clean the air ducts thoroughly. You will notice a definite difference in the air quality at your office, and the allergy sufferers who work for you will thank you!

When your employees are healthier, that means they take less time off of work and they are more productive. More productive employees mean your business runs more smoothly and makes more money, not to mention, you’ll have happier employees overall!

Another benefit of commercial air duct cleaning is it can help your HVAC unit run more efficiently. The air flow will improve and your energy bills could be lowered. And we are sure you’ll love to save a buck or two on our utility bills, especially if you’re running a business! Plus, if your HVAC unit isn’t working as hard, it means it’s less likely to need to be replaced any time in the near future. If replacing it is your responsibility, again, you could save some money on that in the long run.

When you need commercial air duct cleaning in the Twin Cities, call Cady Building Maintenance at 763-531-0010 or Contact Us.

Move-in/ Move-out Cleaning: Leave it to the Pros

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Spring is a popular time to relocate. If your business is moving to a new location, there are probably a lot of things you have on your mind. There is a lot that goes into a commercial move such as coordinating employees, packing and physically moving. Leave your commercial move-in/ move-out cleaning to the pros. There are many reasons why it’s beneficial to have a team of professionals do your cleaning, and we’ll cover some of them here.

Commercial Move-Out Cleaning

When you’re relocating a commercial business, you have enough to worry about. You don’t want to have to be the one left behind to make the old building presentable. If you’ve occupied a particular space for a long time, it may not even be safe for you to be personally responsible for cleaning it up. We use safe and professional-grade equipment and supplies, so you’ll know the building is properly cleaned. Hire a commercial move-in/ move-out cleaning company to handle all the disinfecting and cleaning procedures.

Commercial Move-In Cleaning

When you’re moving into a new building, you’ll want to make sure you’re starting off with a clean slate. It’s important for the facility to be thoroughly cleaned before you move in. Dirt, grime and trash left behind by the old company can be a hindrance to the moving process. Hire a cleaning crew to come in before you begin the big move. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that all bacteria and hazardous material has been removed from the premises. Let the pros at a commercial move-in/ move-out get you started on the right foot at your new building.

Are you looking for help with commercial move-in/ move-out cleaning? Contact Cady Building Maintenance Today by calling 763-531-0010 or Request a Free Estimate.

Why Is Vinyl Floor Maintenance So Important?

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When you have vinyl flooring installed, you might not stop and think that it needs regular maintenance just like other types of flooring. But making sure it’s taken care of is very important. One of the many services Cady Building Maintenance offers is the stripping, waxing, buffing of vinyl flooring. We can make sure your vinyl floors look as good as the day they were installed, but there are a few things you can do on a daily or weekly basis to ensure they maintain their look.

First of all, you never want to use a regular broom on vinyl floors. Make sure you use a dust mop. A broom will simply spread the dust and dirt into the air, defeating the purpose of trying to keep the floors clean in the first place! Vacuums work well too.

And one of the best ways to prevent the floors from getting dirty is to put down a floor mat near any doors that lead onto the vinyl flooring. When you have to move heavy pieces of furniture, be sure to protect the flooring with large pieces of cardboard so the floors don’t get scratched or scuffed.

It’s important for stripping, waxing, buffing of vinyl flooring to occur on a regular basis too. This will help protect your investment and Cady Building Maintenance can come out and do the stripping, waxing, buffing of vinyl flooring in a quick and professional manner, so you’ll get the best bang for your buck. Vinyl flooring can look good for many years and can really help complete the look of a business without the high cost of wood flooring. So being sure the stripping, waxing, buffing of vinyl flooring gets done properly is very important!

When you need stripping, waxing, buffing of vinyl flooring done, call Cady Building Maintenance at 763-531-0010 or get a Free Estimate.

Why It Pays to Hire a Commercial Window Cleaning Service

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In this day and age, it’s tempting to try to save a buck or two by doing some grunt work yourself. You might be scaling back because of the economy or just because you want to save more money. But there are definitely several chores and tasks that you want to leave to the professionals. Cady Building Maintenance suggests leaving commercial window cleaning to the experts like them. There are a variety of reasons for this recommendation.

First of all, it’s a safety issue. A professional commercial window cleaning service like Cady knows how to safely clean interior and exterior windows, especially the ones that are several stories high. A skilled professional will know how to use the proper safety equipment, how to safely move around on the platform and how to effectively and efficiently scrub the windows – especially the ones that are tough to reach.

A commercial window cleaning service like Cady also knows how to use the proper arm strokes and motions to get the best streak-free shine possible. We also have all of the necessary cleaning supplies and equipment, so when we do the work, the end results are shiny and beautiful windows.

We here at Cady definitely understand the value and need in saving money. We are family-owned, so we’re not one of those big corporate companies that will nickel-and-dime you. But we also believe in safety first, so leaving commercial window cleaning to the professionals is the best bang for your buck.

And when you’re ready to hire a commercial window cleaning service like us, give us a call at (763) 531-0010 or contact us online. And we don’t just offer commercial window cleaning services either! Our services run the gamut – everything from window cleaning to carpet cleaning to air duct cleaning and more. Give us a call today to see how we can help your business stay spotless!

Pick and Choose Your Building Maintenance Battles

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If you’re a Golden Valley property owner, you know what it’s like to have to deal with building maintenance. There are some chores you don’t mind doing and there are other chores that you dread. Cady Building Maintenance provides services like building maintenance; Golden Valley is just one of the many areas we serve. But how do you go about figuring out how to hire a Golden Valley maintenance company when you’re on a budget? Thankfully, we have some suggestions about doing building maintenance on a budget for you. Here is a brief rundown of things to consider when budgeting for Golden Valley building maintenance.

What maintenance chores do you hate the most? Which chores are you content doing? Make a list and figure out which chores you can handle and which ones you’d rather someone else take care of. The list should include big chores and small ones as well. Try not to leave anything off of this list.

Does your Golden Valley building have tenants? If so, talk to them about what building maintenance chores they will take care of, like collecting trash.

Prioritize your chores. Which ones are cosmetic vs. routine maintenance vs. emergencies? Then designate who does what. Will you take care of emergency plumbing repairs, or will you be calling on your building maintenance company to take care of that for you?

Some Golden Valley building maintenance companies, like Cady Building Maintenance, are willing to do a select list of chores for you and will work with you to stay in your budget. Just start the process with a clear head of what you want and what you don’t want, and make sure you know where your priorities are and how much you think you can handle on your own.

When you’re ready, call Cady Building Maintenance to discuss how we can help you with any Golden Valley building maintenance chores on your list! Our number is (763) 531-0010 or contact us online. We even have a 24/7 emergency service!

Office Cleaning Around the Holidays

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As a business owner, you’re busy all year round. This is especially true around the holidays. Not only are you busy at work, but also in your personal life. You have to buy gifts, travel, do extra cooking and more. Who has time to squeeze in office cleaning this month? We do! It’s our job to keep your facility clean while you’re here, there and everywhere! We are your local Twin Cities office cleaning company, and we know how to get the job done right.

Extra Time with Family

Instead of spending an extra half hour at your Twin Cities business each day, go home and spend extra time with your family. When you hire a Twin Cities office cleaning company, you have the luxury to spend more time around the holidays with those who matter the most. While most of us are putting in extra hours at our Twin Cities offices during the year, make it a priority during the holidays to get home and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Extra Travel Time

Do you need to leave right on time to get to the mall or your parent’s house? Don’t waste an extra minute at your Twin Cities office building. When you hire an office cleaning company, you actually have the luxury of leaving a couple of minutes early, if you need to. You’ll have a few extra minutes to get a head start on holiday shopping, or preparing a big meal. No matter where you’re traveling around the Twin Cities this holiday season, we’ll get you headed there sooner.

Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at Cady Building Maintenance, your favorite Twin Cities office cleaning company. We hope you are able to spend this holiday with your closest friends and family.

Are you in need of an office cleaning company in the Twin Cities? Give us a call today by calling 763-531-0010 or contact us online.

Building Maintenance: How to Choose the Best Company

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You own a business and you’re so busy that you barely have time to do any cleaning. This is good news, right? Customers and requests for your services or products are keeping you so busy that you are now looking into hiring an outside company to keep your office spic and span! Making sure you choose the best building maintenance company for your Twin Cities office can seem like an overwhelming task, but don’t worry. We here at Cady Building Maintenance have a few tips for you:

  • First things first: figure out what kind of cleaning services you will need on a regular basis. For example, Cady offers a wide variety of services like carpet cleaning (vacuuming, steam cleaning, etc.), interior and exterior window cleaning, air duct cleaning, floor cleaning (stripping, waxing, buffing, etc.), dusting, restroom cleaning (including refilling all supplies!) and more.
  • Remember that cheaper is not always better. In this day and age, you really do get what you pay for.  Make sure the building maintenance company you hire has well-trained staff, is fully licensed and insured and has a lot of experience in the building maintenance field. (Cady is fully bonded and licensed in the state of Minnesota.)
  • Ask questions about their employees! Don’t hesitate to ask about anything you can think of. How are employees trained? What kind of background checks are performed? (All of Cady’s employees get background checks before they are hired and they all pride themselves on excellent customer service.)
  • Ask questions about their services! Do they offer 24/7 service like Cady? Are emergency services available? How long have they been in business? (Cady has been in business since 1987 and offers emergency services as well.)

Of course, you could always go with a sure bet like Cady Building Maintenance. We provide excellent customer service and you will know your building maintenance needs are in good hands with us! Give us a call at (763) 531-0010 or contact us online.

Don’t let a dirty facility or building haunt you

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Do you find you’re being haunted more and more by a dirty building or facility? Are you shuddering in horror every time you come across an unkempt area? Does it appear customers aren’t stepping into your business as much as they used to because of the frightening disarray?

Luckily, businesses and facilities all over the Twin Cities metro have a way to exorcise themselves from untidy apparitions. All it takes is one phone call to Cady Building Maintenance, proudly providing building and facility maintenance and cleaning to clients in Minneapolis and surrounding areas.

By outsourcing your facility and building maintenance needs to us, you can free yourself from the Messy Ghost that haunts your walls. Outsourcing to us has many benefits, including:

  • Allowing you and your team to get back to what matters: running and operating your business, instead of taking precious time away from the job in order to clean.
  • It’s more cost friendly compared to hiring a full-time staff of maintenance providers. If you brought on a team of cleaners, you would have to pay the taxes, the benefits and other expenses. By outsourcing to us, you don’t have to worry about that.
  • Getting the benefit of our years of cleaning and maintenance experience. Unless you run a cleaning company, your staff probably doesn’t have the expertise our professionals do.

Ready to stop being horrified at the look of your office, building or facility? Call us now at 763-531-0010 or Request a Free Estimate.

Building Maintenance Keeps Everyone Happy

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When you own a business in the Twin Cities or anywhere else, you always want to put your best foot forward. And one of the easiest (and most obvious!) ways of doing that is to be sure your building is clean and maintained. Building maintenance is usually pretty basic: front entrances should be cleaned and maintained; your kitchen area, if you have one, should be cleaned and sanitized (same with the restrooms); carpets and floors should be clean and clear of debris … you get the picture. Cady Building Maintenance, Inc. is here to help!

Sometimes, though, it’s easy to neglect the stuff that’s out of sight, out of mind. Did you know air ducts should be dusted and cleaned on a regular basis? What about that dreaded building maintenance chore: window cleaning? Mold can also be a problem. Those tiny little spores can float through the air and travel into lungs, causing you and your workers to get sick. And being sick means more time out of your Twin Cities-area office or store and less time getting work done and making money. Building maintenance can be such a hassle sometimes, but in the end, it will help your customers see you care about your work area. And if they see that, they will know you will care about them and the quality of the services or products you provide.

Even the parts of your Twin Cities-area building you see on a regular basis are easily ignored. Check out the exterior walls and sidewalks sometime. Are they grimy and dingy? Could they use a good power-washing? Thankfully, that’s another service Cady Building Maintenance can provide!

If the dirt ever hits the fan and you need some emergency assistance, we even have a 24/7 emergency service you can contact, so we’re always here when you need us. Contact us today online or call (763) 531-0010.